Arizona Senator John McCain has spent the past few months relentlessly bashing Donald Trump. Now, this has come back to bite him in a big way.

He never should have messed with our president…

Many years have passed since John McCain has behaved as a real conservative. McCain was a role model for a lot of Republicans who strove towards adopting the great conservative values that McCain represented. However, McCain has lately changed his stance a lot, especially towards President Trump, toward whom he behaves like a fanatic Democrat.


A lot of conservative people have come to realize that McCain has so drastically changed his views that he has never been leaning more left than he is now. It almost seems that McCain wants to change completely and side with Democrats in spite of President Trump.


Nevertheless, if McCain wishes to go on with this attitude that’s his decision, but he really should give up his seat in Congress to someone who represents true conservative values. It would be best for him and for a lot of conservatives that used to see him as their role model, and epitome of the conservative politician, something that he seems to have recently renounced.


We do not, however, discredit his service in the U.S. military. He will always be a military hero, but that does not mean he is eligible to serve in Congress. He has recently exhibited views so diametrically different from Trump’s that he may well be in his way to transfigure into a Democrat, any time now. He doesn’t seem to realize that he is fighting a losing battle against Trump, and he may suffer serious consequences due to his carelessness.


We shall give John a little bit more time just to see where he is going with this. If he continues to harass the president throughout his entire tenure than, I’m afraid, we’ve already lost McCain to the Democrats.

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  1. Well I. For one have been sick of McCain continud evil remarks about our president Trump. So I am glad that Mc Cain has lost his seat. Glad it is over. He actually makes me sick.
    The firing of Comey has been put off way to long also. It made me angry to hear Comey say; Hillary was not guilty of intent. Here is a intelligent woman, and she took vows, to secrecy, and done the exact opposite. And she was guilty as hell, of putting our country in jeopardy..

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