Trey Gowdy Destroys Hillary When He Finds Out She Planned “Political Terrorism” On Him!

Many people who pretend to be unbiased have knocked determined Congressman Trey Gowdy for his continued, unrelenting investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi crimes.

Trey Gowdy, thankfully, has the fortitude to tune those naysayers out and to continue holding Hillary accountable. It’s good he didn’t listen to them, because it turns out they weren’t unbiased at all.

These people were all just actors in the plan Hillary Clinton and her cronies hatched behind closed doors to try to intimidate Gowdy and destroy him politically.

This all came to light in emails between Hillary and her inner circle that were leaked. Hillary’s personal crime accomplice and lawyer David Kendall wrote a damning email explaining a ‘Possible pivot for HRC to go to political lynch party.”

That lynch party was, of course, for Gowdy. Kendall wrote a “platform” for Clinton “to launch into a political attack on the [Benghazi] Committee.” Are you glad Gowdy hasn’t caved to pressure and keeps fighting her?

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