BREAKING: Christianity Ruled Illegal

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, well known for their liberal bias and hatred for all things American, has ruled that Christianity is illegal. The religion that America was founded on; the apex of western civilization, is apparently too good for our schools, our government and our public parks.

A lawsuit brought by an atheist group in California that was shot down by a federal judge has been overturned on appeal, meaning any Christian symbols, mentions of God or images of Jesus are to be removed from all public places in America. The suit was immediately appealed to the Supreme Court, which will hear it later this month.

Until then, an injunction will keep the heathens of the left from tearing down thousands of statues, pictures and symbols that have adorned the public places of America for generations. If the ruling stands, the word “God’ will be removed from everything associated with the public interest, including the pledge of allegiance and all US currency.

Experts give the decision little hope of surviving a day in the Supreme Court, but you never can tell. If the court decides that separation of church and state should be that far-reaching, we may be kissing our beloved Christianity goodbye.


  1. This article is horribly written and doesn’t tell the truth. Nothing but biased propaganda, true fake news.

    1. Comments must wait to be approved by mods. What a crock of anti-free-speech shit, no better than communist censors.

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